Short guide on the serious, reliable, skilled, honest and valid spell casters

Do not ask us for healings nor describe any health problem, we are not doctors and close our mind to replacing the only people who can cure you.

– A serious spell caster informs you that performing a ritual represents an external action to try to solve a problem. Not even the best operator in the world can guarantee a positive result and therefore do not ask for guarantees of success, neither our experienced practitioners nor anybody else can give them to you. Nevertheless, we do not consider any cases featuring lower than 80% success rates. Those asking us to perform a spell are aware that turning to magic comes from a personal belief and accept not to be entitled to any kind of refund, in the very few cases where not even black magic can move the goalposts. We do not forceoblige anyone to share our ideas, relying on esoterism is your choice and if the discussed topics disturb your peace of mind we invite you to abandon this website. Those who disagree with our point of view can rely on another spell caster, we will never guarantee what cannot be guaranteed and we do not think highly of people behaving that way, knowing they cannot do it. If you feel safeguarded by operators giving results for granted, we can only advise you to contact them and you will soon realize that nobody performs miracles.

– A reliable spell caster does not tell you black magic is dangerous and should not be used. Black magic is dangerous only to unqualified operators who do not know how to perform it and not to those who deeply know black rituals and how to manage the great entities evoked during the ritual.

– A skilled spell caster does not accept to sell off his work. We do not accept discount requests on our rates and do not extend the date of payment. We perform a ritual immediately and in full, without delaying it for whatever reason. Anyone who does not have an economic availability to rely on an expert should try to solve his problem in a different way.

– A honest spell caster does not ask you to pay half the amount right away to cover the material charges and half the amount once the goal has been attained. We do not work for nothing and do not intend to run after a client who does not honour an agreement and vanishes into thin air, once the result has been achieved.

– A valid spell caster does not need to invent anything. We do not tell stories to anyone and if we think a specific case features too low success chances we inform the client, then he will decide whether to go on or give up.

– A serious spell caster does not speak evil of others. We are not interested in knowing who you’ve been dealing with in the past and we will never voice criticism about our colleagues. Everyone follows his way, we follow ours and work according to our ideas. It is up to the client to choose the spell caster to rely on, we are at the disposal of those having a problem to solve but we do not have to convince anyone.

– A reliable spell caster always provides written details of his work, in order to assure his clients that nothing will be added to the original quote. You won’t incur any nasty surprises once our work has begun and you will never have to pay more than what already agreed.

– A skilled spell caster speaks to you very clearly. He avoids meaningless words and does nothing to seem what he’s not. We love transparency as we think it is the starting point in a professional relationship with our clients.

– A honest spell caster does not promise the moon just to win the client’s trust. We believe in the power of magic, but we also know what are the limits of magic. Do not ask us for miracles because we cannot do them.

– A valid spell caster does not urge the client and does not expect him to come to a decision at all costs. We can help towards the success with a powerful black magic spell, but it is the client who has to decide whether to change his life or not. Don’t contact us if you are irresolute people who prefer to cry over spilt milk instead of moving into action.

– A serious spell caster does not advise against returning suffering to anyone and does not tell you that revenge is not included in the Catholic religion. Those believing that curses and revenge wishes are alien to Christian faith is wrong: the Bible features several cases of curses, just think about the one of God to the serpent or the father injustice which is punished until the fourth generation. The Church itself was responsible for curses, especially in the dark period of the Middle Ages.