Black magic powerful spells and formulas for working hexes


Our studio is made up of the best spell casters and black magic specialists all over the world who strongly believe in black magic and its powerful effects. We are not a sect, we have no followers and do not seek them. Each of us deals with specific rituals as we are convinced that sectional specialization is a prerequisite condition for achieving first-rate results.

We may help anybody who cannot do without black magic spells and rituals to make a man or a woman fall in love, make a beloved come back, make money and get rich, break up a couple or separate two people, curse somebody and much more.

We use the oldest formulas and the most powerful rituals, we perform black magic only and accept requests regarding:

  • love binding spells, hexes, charms and enchantments to bring back a lover or make someone love you
  • lust spells to cause a sexual lust effect on the targeted person and increase lust attraction
  • spells to get rid of impotence
  • break-up and separation spells
  • unbinding love spells
  • hate and suffering hexes
  • evil eye and other malicious spells
  • curses
  • revenge spells
  • domination spells
  • rituals for overcoming business competitors
  • money spells

Bearing in mind the nature of black magic spells, we guarantee maximum privacy for our clients and demand the same, therefore please do not ask for a phone number to talk to us because we will make no reply to such requests. In any case, we will be happy to publish your testimonials and success stories when you get the result from our work.


We are professional spell casters and experts on the powerful black magic that really exists, on the strongest summoning spells, on the true spells and love rituals, on hexes and curses, on powerful love charms and formulas that work.

Do not ask us to cause illness or cast death hexes and spells, we are black magic specialists – not criminals – and death rituals do not belong to our thinking. However, we can break a death hex you might have suffered and block anybody willing to harm you.

We do not advise to consider death hexes or death spells: if you really want to inflict pain on someone, the best way is causing endless suffering and not depriving of life.


Anybody willing to contact us for a dark magic spell must:

  • be strongly motivated to achieve his purpose
  • not have pathological fears or anxieties
  • not be overbearing or compulsive
  • not be afflicted with known psychic problems
  • be able to afford the expected economic commitment
  • be neither rude nor indecisive

Irresolute people may apply to one of the many operators dealing with white and red magic, we only accept people with clear ideas and really determined to obtain what they are looking for.


We are aware that our approach may seem unusual but what we experienced over many years made us realize there is plenty of curious people looking for free black magic spells and rituals or free consultations, but very few people are really set on solving their problem.

We do not accept all cases, as we only screen cases featuring chances of success over 90% and this is an unquestionable decision. Please do not waste your time over polemics, should your case be rejected: if that’s your way of behaving we are not the right studio for you.


Do not ask us to perform white magic and red magic spells because we will not answer. We only deal with black magic rituals and spells, coercive love binding spells, love hexes and charms, love rituals for sex, evil eye and malicious hexes, curses and rituals to separate two people or break up a couple, domination spells. We are experienced in:

  • Egyptian, Moroccan and Tunisian black magic
  • Romanian, Turinese and Senegalese black magic
  • African black magic and voodoo spells
  • Thai, Antilles and Chinese black magic
  • Santeria and Macumba

In case your request does not fall into the possibilities listed above, please contact us anyway and we will consider which ritual can fit your needs. Whatever your problem, we will be able to find the best solution.


Lots of spell casters say they know everything about dark magic, but only a few of them are true magic experts. Our spells do not imply any negative consequences or side effects, black magic has to be mastered as only a few do and this means setting the risk of return strokes or boomerang effects to zero. Those saying black magic is dangerous and shouldn’t be performed say a half truth, as black magic is dangerous only when it is used by unqualified operators or with DIY.

It is true that black magic is more powerful than white and red magic, it is not true that its effects are not permanent and that a situation would get worse after an initial improvement. Spell casters who claim what mentioned above just want to talk you into accepting their way of working, but they are obviously not able to perform a black magic ritual or spell in the best way.

Certain goals can be achieved with dark magic only, this is an idea we will often repeat because it embodies the main difference between our rituals and generic spells performed by other occultists.