Santeria and Macumba spells: powerful black magic that works


Our studio also deals with rituals and spells belonging to Cuban Santeria to tie or bind your beloved with powerful formulas and love hexes.

Santeria is a religion of Afro-American origin, as well as Voodoo, based on religious sincretism and idolatry of saints. It is a combination of Catholicism and Yoruba religion.

Cuban black magic really works because we respect the tradition to the letter by practicing specific spells directly in their country of origin, also availing ourselves of the support of some local priests.


Rituals and prayers of Cuban Santeria do not concern only a few names that have become popular over time, such as Saint Martha the dominator love spell. Cuban magic includes much more, as it embraces important teachings which are not publicly handed down and are not found in any commercial book.

There are Cuban black magic spells much more powerful than the famous prayer to Saint Martha the dominator but they are neither free nor DIY, they must be performed by true experts to avoid any return strokes.


Cuban Santeria is not dangerous. Its black magic rituals are considered among the most effective spells to make a beloved come back or tie someone you love, through powerful and indissoluble love binding spells.

It is a form of coercive magic that subdues the victim’s will and it is performed when you want to achieve a goal at all costs or when other spells have already failed. It acts peremptorily and cancels any resistance due to the character of the person or to any energy shieldings that may exist.


Macumba is a religion of Afro-Brazilian origin and is especially taken into account by those practicing the strongest black magic.

Love Macumba that really works is used to solve love problems: in that case we talk about love Macumba to make a beloved come back and it’s a powerful spell or ritual allowing to draw an ex, a husband or a wife.

This Afro-Brazilian love spell works fast and does not cause any return stroke, as we put into effect specific procedures to shield the person requesting the spell.


Macumba black magic is not just about love but is also performed to separate two people, break a couple and weed out members of the family or other harmful people.

Macumba against enemies we perform (also using dolls) gives results in almost all cases, it is not a death Macumba but is very effective to take revenge on those who wronged you. We do not deal with death Macumba but we can remove a previous one and prevent it from hitting you again.

As in the case of Santeria and voodoo, some of our experts perform Macumba in its country of origin, thus being faithful to the original black magic formulas to curse someone or cast spells and hexes on the victim.

Brazilian Macumba is an awesome means if you are seeking revenge against an enemy or a person who hurt you.