Black magic hexes, evil eye and curses: how to perform a malicious spell


We perform dark magic malicious spells and hexes that work to take revenge on an enemy, an ex who hurt you, a business competitor hindering you and whom you want to go bankrupt, a member of your family or an envious colleague, people sowing discord for the sake of harming, anyone who gave you a hard time about your life. All we need is the victim’s personal data and his/her photo. The powerful black magic we perform includes malicious spells such as:

  • hate and suffering hexes to bring total chaos to your enemies or someone you hate
  • break-up hexes and separation spells to separate two people
  • curses and spells with formulas to curse somebody
  • revenge spells
  • unbinding love spells to remove, undo or break an existing love binding spell
  • rituals to get rid of a rival in love
  • spells to ward off an unwanted person from your beloved
  • hexes and spells to block those hurting you

We do not cast death hexes and do not agree with those performing working death spells, but we can defend you from death hexes and any other malicious spell. A great deal could be said about how to put a death spell on someone (mainly with lemon or DIY), how to cast a death hex using a photo or at the cemetery, how to hex somebody and much more: given the danger of these topics, we are not going to deal with them in our site as we fear some unbalanced minds might act irresponsibly. We also do not recommend any death hexes or prayers to curse or hex someone to the grave, as the best way to hurt enemies is to inflict enldess pain on them without taking their life.

Are you worried that you might be the target of a dark magic hex? Here are some tips on how to tell and break negative spells that have headed your way. Symptoms of malicious hexes and spells usually have one thing in common: suffering. This feature can be found in hate hexes, suffering hexes, breaking spells and break-up or separation hexes, as well as in any other malicious spells. Symptoms of a black magic hex may also include existential misery, inability to realize oneself, impotence, business failures, marriage and relationship crisis, paranoid behaviors. We suggest you not to underestimate the consequences and side effects of a hex or a break-up and separation spell you might have suffered, as they may backfire at any time.



In addition to the above mentioned hexes, there are other type of malicious spells that can cause major issues to the affected person, they are called evil eye and curses. Do not think that praying is enough for evil eye and black magic hex removal or that it is possible to get rid of evil eye with DIY: a dark magic malicious spell always requires the intervention of an experienced practitioner or an expert spell caster, both to be performed and removed. Symptoms of evil eye are often similar to those of hexes but less strong, that’s why an evil eye should be cast when you do not want to cause great suffering to the victim. We are aware of black magic techniques and formulas to perform evil eyes at any distance by using a photo and hex somebody through the eyes. Evil eye really exists but it can also be removed with the use of powerful rituals, not with DIY remedies – such as salt and oil – belonging to ancient traditions. There are many people asking us how to reverse an evil eye or ward off the evil eye from someone and how to get to know if somebody gave you the evil eye or whammied you, we invite you to contact us if you suspect you have been affected by this malicious spell or if you want to cast it on someone.

Curses too are black magic spells to cause suffering, they differ from hexes and evil eye because they have immediate effect and are usually performed when you want to hurt in a short time. The ability to deliver curses originates long ago, any expert spell caster knows very well that curses exist and work at any distance. We are often asked some examples of the most famous dark magic curses or how to remove them, so let us say that we can cast them with the simple use of a photo, together with powerful formulas, prayer and words to curse someone at any distance.

We do not give generic information about how to cast hexes and curses, how to cast the evil spell and enact a curse, how to spell a curse or put a hex on somebody, how to curse someone through latin and satanic prayer, how to give somebody the evil eye or cast a spell on someone, how to hex or enchant somebody, how to perform death spells, how to reflect curses and kill enemies, how to make a death curse or hex to the grave, how to dispel a hex or malicious spell, how to reverse a curse or remove a hex, how to raise a curse or break a hex, how to defend yourself from death hexes or how to get rid of a malicious spell. Do not write to us for advice on how to perform DIY rituals, as nobody else but a true experienced practitioner should practice black magic. Do not be foolish and apply to professional spell casters, if you really want to cast a hex, an evil eye or a curse on someone.